Sunday, 17 August 2008

The Sixth Wife by Jean Plaidy

Katharine Parr has unwittingly become the last pawn in King Henry VIII's ambitions for an heir. Already twice widowed, Katharine finally dared to hope that she might find love with the dashing Thomas Seymour. But Henry has decided he must have a sixth wife and Seymour's intentions to marry Katherine have not gone unnoticed. Unable to refuse the King of England Katharine becomes his reluctant bride. Once again it seems only a matter of time before another wife's fate leads her to the Tower of London...

My View
Loved this, not to be confused with Suzannah Dunn's book of the same name this is a brilliant portrayal of Henry's sixth and last wife. I don't think I need to tell you the background to this story as most of us know the history surrounding Henry's wives but, this was beautifully told. The part about Anne Askew was rather disturbing describing what happened to her on the rack was just awful! But, very well described at the same time.

I did really feel for Katherine towards the end of her life and what must have been going on in her head with regards to her husband and Elizabeth. Elizabeth was portayed here as probably not someone who I would like very much, its always interesting seeing how different authors portray Elizabeth.

A brilliant example of great historical fiction IMO.

Sometimes I look upon Jean Plaidy's work as historical non-fiction fictionalised if that makes any sense!

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