Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Into The Green by Charles de Lint

The harp was a gift from Jacky Lantern's fey kin, as was the music Angharad pulled from its strings. She used it in her journeys through the Kingdoms of the Green Isles, to wake the magic of the Summerblood where it lay sleeping in folk who had never known they had it.

My View
Having read a few of CDL's books I can categorically say this is my most favourite that I have read to date! This story revolves around Angharad who was grew up as a tinker she is now a witch having been taught the ways of a witch. This is a precursor to a mission she is sent on to help instil the magic to those who have the ability.

Two witches tell Angharad that through her veins runs the Summerblood, inherited from the kowrie and their lord Hafarl, the ancient fey who still live in the world beyond our sight. Those with Summerblood can see into that world, "into the green," and speak the languages of animals and trees. To the ordinary housey-folk, however, such people are called witches, and they are feared. And sometimes hunted.

This is such a beautifully written book as I said it is my favourite so far, it is very fast paced and with a cast of characters that are easy to follow, some books have so many characters that you can get lost, well I do at times.

A really beautiful magical fairytale.


Fyrefly said...

I've never read any of Charles de Lint's work, although I've heard lots of good things about it. Is there any place I should start, or does reading order not matter?

Kailana said...

I need to read more de Lint! He is a wonderful author..

mariel said...

I have yet to read my first de Lint, as I know I'll be hooked and love everything he has written! This is definitely another for my list!

Rhinoa said...

Wow your favourite so far? Must dig out my copy and put it higher on my list. Sounds like a lovely story, filled with mystery and magic.

Beth Ann said...

Charles de Lint is hands down, one of the greatest authors alive today!! My favorite books of his are 1- Moonheart....and 2- Circle of Cats, with Widdershins coming in third. He also happens to be a really nice man :).