Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Elizabeth & The Prince Of Spain by Margaret Irwin

Philip of Spain, unwilling bridegroom of Queen Mary, has been warned about the Queen's half-sister, the young Elizabeth, daughter of Anne Boleyn. According to all reports, she is a heretic, a rebel and a potential enemy with 'a spirit full of enchantment'. But Philip is not deterred, and Elizabeth must advance warily towards her destiny, running the gauntlet between Bloody Mary's jealousy and morbid outbursts of hate, and Philip's uneasy ardour...

My View

The final instalment of Margaret Irwin's brilliant Elizabeth trilogy, as I have said before the descriptions here are brilliant and that continues in this book, I would say this is probably the weakest book of the three not that that is a bad thing as this was a very good series I just felt it didn't keep my interest as much as the others.

As far as a portrait of Elizabeth goes this was not the greatest I think I, Elizabeth by Rosalind Miles and Queen of this Realm by Jean Plaidy are very hard to beat but, then this is a different kind of storyline, that said still a brilliant Elizabethan saga and very well written.

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Marg said...

I am reading Alison Weir's Lady Elizabeth at the moment. There are soooo many books about Elizabeth.