Friday, 22 August 2008

Lord Robert by Jean Plaidy

In the grim recesses of the Tower of London, two captives begin a passionate love affair that will last years but is destined to destroy them; one is Robert Dudley, the other is the future Queen of England, Elizabeth I. Pardoned by Queen Mary, Dudley and Elizabeth are freed, but their mutual longing must be from a distance: Dudley is married, and as the next heir to the throne, Elizabeth must tread carefully...

My View
This book was brilliant, I was quite surprised to see it rated only 3½ stars on Amazon but, I guess we can't like the same things! A wonderful portrait of Robert Dudley and whilst there have been comparisons to The Virgins Lover by Philippa Gregory I wouldn't say it was either better or worse just maybe a bit different.

It was quite fast moving and some areas were a little rushed but, there was so much to cram in, I always think Jean Plaidy's books are like a non-fiction book and if nothing else I learn a lot from them this was no different and it was good that we learned more about Robert from when he was born and when he met Elizabeth etc..

Fiction books on Elizabeth never fail to disappoint and she was portrayed really beautifully here whereas in TVL I found her just a teensy bit weak than I imagined her to be.

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I don't really like that cover...