Monday, 11 August 2008

Elizabeth, Captive Princess by Margaret Irwin

In July, 1553, sibling rivalry has never been more tumultuous and perilous than between the daughters of King Henry VIII. Queen Mary Tudor has just won possession of the throne, but her younger half-sister - the beautiful and vivacious Princess Elizabeth - holds the hearts of the people. Knowing this, Mary banishes her sibling to a country retreat, determined to keep her as far away from court life and any powerful supporters she has there as possible.But Mary's health is fading fast and her power beginning to crumble. The people of England are crying out for a new monarch and it seems, at last, they may have their wish and crown their beloved Bess as queen...But Mary refuses to relinquish the throne, determined to rule to the absolute end as her father did before her. In a final show of strength, Mary orders Elizabeth's imprisonment in the Tower of London, there to await her execution. In these treacherous times, when all about her there is secrecy and deception, Elizabeth must rely on her faith and courage if she is to survive her ordeal and rise to fulfil her destiny.

My View
This is the second in Margaret Irwin's Elizabeth trilogy and the same excellent writing that we saw in Young Bess is prevelent here. This book covers the period when Elizabeth's half-sister Mary Tudor was on the throne. Beautifully descriptive this really gives you the feel for the time period, I think descriptions of clothing, houses etc are so important with historical novels and they were such brilliant descriptions.

For me Elizabeth I was along with her mother one of the most fascinating and interesting of all historical people and I cannot read enough books about either of them, this was very addictive reading and well worth a read if you love the Tudor period.


~Cinnamon Kitten~ said...

Hi Clare!

Great blog! I found my way here from Philippa Gregory's forum (I'm StormHound there and you just gave me some great book recommendations!)

I'll definitely be regular reader of your blog! :)

Kailana said...

I think I might give this trilogy a try. I have hardly read any historical fiction lately and it is about time I did something about that!