Saturday, 9 February 2008

You Make My Day

Rhinoa from tagged me forthis award, which I thought was very sweet and flattered she thought of me, now I am supposed to tag 10 other bloggers but, as I said in my previous post I don't know that many bloggers so I have included a couple of people I know online too, hope thats OK!

The first would have to be my good friend Margo from Margo is a very very dear friend of mine, we first met online two days bfore Christmas 2003 where she had her own faerie based forum, from the first moment she spoke to me I knew she was different to a lot of people I had come across online in that she was honest, genuine and seemed to have lots in common. Whilst we have both grown in many ways one thing that has never changed is our friendship she has helped me discover lots of things and I too for her she is an amazing woman and if you haven't come across her online please visit her blog she is a very friendly, genuine woman with a heart of gold!

Now onto someone who does not have a blog (that I know of!) her name is Michelle and she lives in Canada I met Michelle firstly on Margo's forum and we have remained friends since. Like me Michelle is Pagan and is a true animal spirit whenever I see any animal I immediately think of Michelle, whenever I feel down Michelle has this wonderful way of making you smile and feel so much better. One of my lifetime ambitions is to visit Polar Bear's in Canada in their natural environment, Michelle lives near to where this trip is and in winter is a very very cold part of the world and the things she tells me makes me more determined to visit, when I do finally make my dream a reality I will also be visiting Michelle which will be as special as meeting those precious bears too!

Another person who has no online blog is Sao again someone I met on Margo's forum, Sao is an absolutely wondrous person she helped me to discover Reiki and also attuned me on 2 levels of Reiki something I will be forever in her debt to, she truly is amazing for helping me discover this beautiful gift. She is a very kindly person who never judges but, listens and I am so glad to call her my friend.

Next Rhinoa who nominated me for this award, I met Rhinoa some years ago initially on a Witchcraft forum and discovered we shared a big passion - books! She has introduced me to many books, one series that sticks in my mind is Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles, if you ned to know anything about this series Rhinoa is your gal!

Next I have to nominate Marg from I 1st came across Marg on Phillipa Gregory's forum before was born, if ever there is a book I want to find out more of I will often go to Marg's blog there aren't many books she hasn't read and she writes fantastic reviews!

Next is Kailana from pretty much for the same reasons as Marg. Kailana writes brilliant and informative reviews and first came across Kailana on the Historical Fiction forum, she hs many books that share the same taste with me and the some, I often look at Kailana's blogs for new recommendations.

Finally, Daphne from Daphne is one of my premier choices for Hitorical Fiction reviews, whilst I consider myself a fan of HF Daphne has read books I have never even heard of and consequently have found myself hunting down books she has reviewed, really honest and down to earth.

Sorry I did't get to 10 people but, as I said before I don't know that many bloggers, I really should get out more :-))


Margo. said...

Awwww Clare, you are a real sweetie! Thank you honey (((Hugs))) xXx

Marg said...

Thanks Clare!

Daphne said...

Thanks Clare - that was so sweet of you! So now you've just made my day!