Saturday, 23 February 2008

Single White Vampire by Lynsay Sands

This is the first in Lynsay Sands Argenau vampires series, although it can be a bit confusing as the website has book 3 listed as the first but, apparently this one is, but anyway ...

This is the story of Lucern Arganeau, from a family of vampires consisting (so far) of a mother, two sons and a daughter. Lucern is over 400 years old so has seen a lot and lived through many eras! Lucern is also a vampire firstly writing historical books and now onto Vampire romances.

Because of his books he meets Kate who is his book editor and she is trying to convince him to go to book signings etc which he is very reluctant to do and finally she gets him to agree to go to a book convention which is where the fun starts.

Of course at first he doesn't want to go but, is convinced to go not only by Kate but, also by his Mother and his family, they like Kate and think she will be perfect for Lucern. And so of course, Kate & Lucern nenture on a romance which isn't as easy as it seems. Lucern isn't exactly up on all the things of the 21st century.

The trouble starts when Kate discovers Lucern is a vampire, she doesn't know at first, he only told her he had problems with the sun (haw haw) and when she sees him taking some blood from her colleague Chris then he just has to own up!

This was a very funny feast! Every vampire series I think has to be compared to Anne Rice's vampires and you couldn't get further from lestat and his crew than these, it was so funny and I loved every minute!

I hope to read them all there are 9 so far I think!

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Rhinoa said...

Sounds quite fun, I like the title. It's nice they aren't Anne Rice clones as well.