Thursday, 5 March 2009

The Summer King by O R Melling

SYNOPSIS The second book in the critically acclaimed Chronicles of Faerie series

In this book, which School Library Journal called “lyrical and mesmerizing,” eighteen-year-old Laurel arrives in Ireland on the anniversary of her sister’s mysterious death, to take up her twin’s failed mission to find the Summer King and save Faerie. As Laurel sets her cynicism aside and becomes caught up in dark secrets and old hatreds, she harbors a desperate dream of her own—to save her sister.

Laurel returns to Ireland a year after the death of her faerie loving sister, she is attending a memorial service for her sister and whilst there she receives a message from faerie. But, Laurel is quite sceptical when it comes to faeries.

This second book in the series was not quite as good as The Hunters Moon but, second books never usually are in my experience, still a wonderful read, it is linked in some ways to The Hunters Moon but, I think this can definitely be read independently of the Hunters Moon but, I like to read books in order.

Again the beautiful descriptions of Ireland are quite magical and the fairies too of which they come in many forms here. The only thing I wasn't so keen on was all the parts written in the Irish language and only because I don't know how to read it, perhaps I should learn!

I am loving this series so a huge thanks to Kailana who posted about this series on her blog otherwise I may not have discovered it!

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Kailana said...

yeah, I liked the first book better, too! I am glad you enjoyed the trilogy, though. :)