Sunday, 8 March 2009

The Light-Bearer's Daughter by O R Melling

The third book in the series, which Booklist says “shimmers with magic, myth, and romance,” will satisfy fans as well as entice new readers.

Dana has few memories of her mother, who disappeared when she was small. But she has always dreamed, despite her father’s discouragement, that her mother would come back one day. When her dad decides to leave Ireland and take a job across the ocean in Canada, Dana is heartbroken. How can she leave her home and the only chance of seeing her mother again? She runs away, high into the fairy mountains of Ireland. Following ancient paths, with a mysterious wolf companion by her side, Dana encounters a world of tragic enchantment and fairy romance, and discovers a great secret about herself.

Dana lives alone with her father after her mother left and does not want to leave Ireland for Canada. Whilst it was hard when her Mum left she has a great relationship with her Dad.

On a trip to the Glen Dana receives a messages from the Fairy Queen to act as a messenger and so her journey begins. Again this book has connections with the previous book and as I said with the last one you could read this alone if you so choose, I would read all three though as this is such a fantastic series.

I definitely preferred this book to the previous and there is an underlying political message too whether you agree with it or not it should not detract from this book, I thought this was the last one in the series but, I think there is another to come and I hope many more this is a brilliant brilliant series!

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Kailana said...

I still have to read this one. I really should get around to it because I do like the first two books and this one is generally considered the better of the three!