Sunday, 29 March 2009

Karavans by Jennifer Roberson

Audrun and her husband Davyd, along with the others of the land of Sancorra, have been left homeless because of the brutal Hecari. Consulting diviners, they learn that their newest child must be born in the peaceful province of Atalanda. They must now travel close to the sinister woodlands of Alisanos, where darkness awaits. Joining a karavan for safety, the family moves ever closer to the dangerous, mystical forest. And, as they are all about to discover, Alisanos is moving ever closer to them.

It's been too long since I read a good fantasy and this is an author who although I own pretty much all her fantasy series' I have never read her before, and also checking out the reviews it seems this is not as good as her other series and strange as it may sound when it comes to authors whose books I have a lot of I prefer to read the ones that are rated not so great.

Anyway, back to the book - overall the book is quite slow to start but, then its introducing you to the characters and JR has a great way of weaving words and though it seems slow to begin with its so descriptive that you really build a great world in your mind, if you have ever read (and loved!) Cecelia Dart-Thornton you will know what I mean.

One of the main characters is Audrun, an expectant mother she has to take risks to give birth to her magical child somewhere much safer. Alisanos is a place where Demons live and if any humans vebture there they are captured.

Davyn is the husband of Audrun and he leaves to talk to Jorda (Jorda is the master of the last Karavan opf the season), Rhuan is a guide for Jorda's Karavan and Rhuan is a from the Shoia people, they are people who can rise from the dead six times.

There are many people to be introduced to and to learn about which is why if your not into descriptive fantasies this is probably not one you would enjoy as there is little in the way of action but, I think this is a pre-cursor for the coming books.

I really enjoyed this I love descriptive fantasies so if this is one of JR's weaker books sounds like the others will be brilliant!


Lynn Irwin Stewart said...

I haven't read this one but I've read LADY OF THE GLEN, which I really enjoyed -- and I also have her two Robin Hood novels -- which I haven't read yet.

Kailana said...

I own a couple books by her but I haven't read any of them! I should remedy that one of these days!

Kailana said...


The fourth book in O.R. Melling's series is out now! I haven't read it yet, either, though I own the old version (she rewrote the books because they were being released worldwide!). Just thought you would want to know!

Clare said...

Thanks Kailana will definitely be getting that :-)

Lynn I also have her Robin Hood books will have to start on those soon.

Darla D said...

I've read many of her books - the Tiger and Del series is the most memorable, but I hadn't heard of this one. Thanks for the review!

Emily said...

I am obsessed by Jennifer Roberson's Cheysuli series, and have read it multiple times. I had heard about the new Karavans series, but haven't picked it up yet, and so really enjoyed your review!