Thursday, 29 May 2008

Dreams Underfoot by Charles De Lint

This short story collections features 19 short stories from CDL's Newford. There is a real mixture of stories here sort of like a chocolate assortment box in a book! Lots of different and very interesting characters and many of them featuring the very likeable Jilly Coppercorn.

I love how he makes fairy tales and folklore into a modern setting and that is so prevelent here and although this is a short story collection per se the stories somehow interlink ino to each other, all being based in Newford as well.

Some say the characters are unrealistic but, for me if the characters are real and more like people in our everyday lives would it really make for such interesting reading? I think not. I love CDL's characters they are so different, some quirky mostly likeable.

I find myself with each book saying if you haven't read De Lint before then read this and I would say it about this one too - I think his short story collections are the best way to get a feel for the type of characters he creates.

If you ever want to get away from your day to day life dive into one of CDL's books they are real escapism.


Rhinoa said...

This is a book I have at home and am looking forward to. Stop reading so much CDL, you are making me want to throw all my challenges out the window and just read his books!

Clare said...

LOL sorry! I love them though I just finished Waifs and Strayus and deliberating whether to read Moonlight & Vines or something else :-)

mariel said...

I've now have my first de Lint on my bookcase and am really looking forward to it. I'v heard so many wonderful things about him! I’ve tagged you for a meme, if you haven’t already done it!