Thursday, 8 May 2008

The Bitterbynde Trilogy - Book Two - The Lady of the Sorrows by Cecilia Dart-Thornton

Healed of her scars and given back her voice, the former mute known as Imrhien now carries an important message to the King-Emperor of Caermelor. Disguised as a noble to gain admission to court society, Imrhien finds that the emperor has embarked on a war against a hostile army of unseelie creatures (malevolent fairies) bent on the destruction of humankind. Her eventual meeting with the emperor proves both surprising and bittersweet, for as she finds her heart's desire, Imrhien also discovers that she is the target of the unseelie hordes. The sequel to The Ill-Made Mute continues the adventures of a resourceful heroine as she makes her way through a world filled with magic and treachery.

My View
As with the previous novel The Ill Made Mute the stunning writing is ever present here with descriptions of scenery, clothing etc its som easy to have a picture in your mind of these novels with the descriptive writing. I think its possibly these descriptions that some find quite laborious but, I think it only adds to the book. Yes if these descriptions were not there it would probably only be half as long but, IMO it would be far less interesting.

The main character again is Imhrien but, she takes on a new name here as Rohain I won't tekll you why as it could ruin it for you. This book again is full of lots of lore, legend & myth and if you loved Lord of the Rings I am sure you will love this of course, it is not in the same league as LOTR but, I am sure you will love the Faeren who are the next best elves (IMO) to those in LOTR.

Another totally fantastic book from Cecilia, I almost don't want to read the last book as I don't want this woprld Cecilia has created to end.

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