Thursday, 1 May 2008

The Dreaming Place by Charles De Lint

A compelling fantasy that combines elements of Native American and Celtic mythology to create a fluid and unexpected otherworld, open to all with the ability to enter and traverse it. Teenaged cousins Nina and Ashley have shared a bedroom since Ash's mother's death three years earlier. Ash is often sullen, uncooperative, and in trouble, and the two are usually at odds. Then a series of disturbing nightmares in which Nina finds herself awkwardly inhabiting the bodies of various animals leaves her shaken and convinced that Ash is somehow responsible. What Nina doesn't know is that Ash has stumbled into the dreaming place--the spirit world--and may be the only one who can rescue her from the hungry manitou spirit who is causing her visions. Surprising combinations of formal and informal language from both spirit and human characters help to link the worlds, making the spirit world more accessible while readers' own becomes more mysterious. The satisfying conclusion hints at more otherworldly adventures to come. While Nina is a rather bland character, Ash and her colorful friends and adversaries, and icons such as the strange tarot cards that foretell her journey and the pomegranate that is pivotal in her quest, come alive through the text.

My View

This was a very sort novel (128 pages) from CDL and was one of his earlier efforts and was perhaps not as good as his later books but, still has that brilliant CDL signature about it. Although it does switch from being quitea slog to very fast. I found Nina to be the better of the characters in tha she was nmore interesting Ashley was a little less interesting!

I did find there was not much background and I think didn't find out enough of the characters but, then this was aimed at a teen audience but, the Tarot scenes I found particularly interesting and well written.

So probably not one to read if your new to Charles De Lint but, definitely do if your a fan its just not in the league of his others.

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Rhinoa said...

This sounds cool. I like the idea of tarot scenes. I do have a copy and will work my way around to it eventually I am sure! Thanks for the review.