Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Tavern in the Morning by Alys Clare

At the end of a dark and dreary market day, Goody Anne's inn at Tonbridge is finally settling down for the night. But while Anne's serving maid and boy finish up their chores, a man lies dying in the guest chamber-poisoned by a piece of pie made by Goody Anne herself. Josse d'Acquin, a knight with a knack for solving mysteries, is troubled by the news of the stranger's death. Josse has been a regular visitor to Goody Anne's, and he hates to think that Anne-or her fine cooking-has fallen suspect. He rides off to the scene of the crime and starts his own investigation.
When Josse discovers wolf's bane in the remnants of the pie, he knows that someone must have tampered with Anne's cooking. And when he learns that a charming, handsome nobleman ordered a piece of that very pie, Josse is convinced that the poison was meant for this upper-class guest, and not for the poor stranger who died alone in Anne's guest chamber.

After failing to persuade the Sheriff that the death was suspicious, Josse turns to his old friend, the formidable Abbess Helewise. Weakened from a severe bout of fever, the Abbess nonetheless provides a thread of common sense as Josse follows the trail of murder into the ancient, mysterious Wealden Forest, and finds something there that will change his life forever . . . .


This was a big improvement on the previous books and started out well, I find towards the middle to the end I was getting a little bored as it seems to follow the same path as the others. They aren't massively big books at only about 200 pages or so, so to have boring parts in such a short book is quite disappointing.

Theres not much to add to the synopsis except to say its all rather predictable, I'm only sorry I have most of the other books but, will read them one day and hopefully they will improve as they go along, not overly impressed thus far.

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