Thursday, 12 November 2009

Ashes of the Elements by Alys Clare

A grove of huge oak trees in the Wealden forest is felled. And, as if some ancient curse is being unleashed, the man who wielded the axe meets with a violent end. Abbess Helewise teams up with Josse d'Acquin to discover what really lies inside the darkness of the ancient forest.

Much similar to Fortune Like The Moon but, this was better as we have got to know the characters more of the story can develop. This is not what I would call a edge of your seat thriller more like a sit back and enjoy!

Again we see the brilliant Sir Josse and Abbess Hellewise join together to investigate who the axe murderer is. A little more Paganism in this one as there are Forest People who still meet there when the moon is full to practise their dark magic! But, are they responsible for the murder.

This is more a cozy type of thriller if your into magical goings on with a little murder mixed in and something not too taxing on the brain then you will love it!

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