Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Fortune Like The Moon by Alys Clare

Shortly before his unexpected coronation, King Richard passed a law letting all of England's prisoners go free. Shortly afterwards a young nun is found, gruesomely murdered. Richard swiftly employs an old military colleague of his, Josse d'Acquin, to unravel this hideous mystery. Who could have wanted to kill this innocent young novice, and, more worryingly, why?

Josse goes to Hawkenlye Abbey to find out the answers to these questions. He is having little success until meets the Abbess Helewise, a woman who quickly proves herself to be his equal, both as an amateur sleuth, and as a figure the community can rely on during this turbulent time for England.

This duo have to find the murderer, and find him quickly, or they'll have the King of England to answer to...

This was a great read very easy to follow, one of the reasons I read this was I heard some of the stories were pagan inspired, there wasn't a lot of that going on here IMO but, it was still a great read. Also its great to read fiction books set near where you live, I live about 30 minutes from where these books are based.

But, the story is a good one a nice whodunnit, based around Richard the Lionheart and his decision to release prisoners, everyone thinks its one of the recently released prisoners committing the murders but, is it?

The characters are great Sir Josse and Abbess Hellewise are brilliant central characters apparently the historical accuracy is good but, I'm not too knowledgable on this period so not too sure on that.

Great for a little transportation back in time.

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