Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Happy New Year

Well one of my tasks this year was to read 100 books, well I am sorry to say I failed my 10 books! Well I am on my 91st book as we speak but, I doubt I will finish that by midnight as I have to work until 4pm unless I can get in some sneaky reading at my desk!!

On the up side it was the most books I have read in a year and there are a few books that stand out for me this year:

Stonehenge by Bernard Cornwell - I have read this previously but, its a fantastic book especially if you are interested in the mystery of Stonehenge.

The Autobiography of Henry VIII by Margaret George - This is a most definite stand out book of the year for me, I have to confess I did put off reading this for quite some time due to the volume of pages to be devoured! But, it was so engrossing it didn't seem that long at all, a definite read for Tudor fans.

Courtesan by Diane Haeger - I loved this book it was something different for me as mostly my historical fiction reading is based around the Tudors so this was great to learn about other people from history and a beautiful story as well.

The Well of Shades by Juliet Marillier - Juliet remains one of my favourite authors and this was no exception continuing the story of Bridei's Chronicles, I just love the worlds Juliet creates and whilst this was not as good as the Sevenwaters series (I don't think I will ever read anything to top those) this was a fantastic series which I hope continues.

2008 also saw me complete my first reading challenge I tend to not sign up for things like that because often I forget or there is something else I want to read but, have to read something else for a challenge but, maybe 2009 will see me signing up for more challenges.

Hopefully I will reach my target of reading 100 books in 2009 I also must finish the Kushiels Legacy series by Jacqueline Carey will also give me an excuse to re-read one of my favourite books ever - Kushiels Dart.

Hope you all have a fantastic New Year and an even better 2009.


Kailana said...

That's too bad you didn't make your 100 book goal, but there is always next year! You read a lot of good books this year. All of your favourite books are still on my tbr pile, but I will read them one day!

Happy New Year!

Lynn Irwin Stewart said...

I've just been learning about these book challenges but I think I would fail miserably if I tried any of them! I tend to choose my "next book" by whatever mood I'm in.

pandacub said...

Happy New Year!

The Autobiography of Henry VII was one of my stand-out books this year too! I was the same as you - I had bought the book ages ago and kept putting off reading it because of the massive size, but once I started, I couldn't put it down!

pandacub said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, Clare!

Actually, YOU were the inspiration for my "50 books in a year" goal. :) I've been following your blog for a bit now and loved the idea, although there's no way I could handle 100!