Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Don't talk back to your Vampire by Michele Bardsley

Broken Heart, Oklahoma, is now a center for paranormal activity of the vampire kind after a PTA meeting was disrupted by a sick vampire who turned every parent into one of his own kind.

Single mother Eva LeRoy is one of the new vampires, and her teenage daughter is adjusting. It helps that the whole town is vampire friendly, except for the renegade group that is trying to kill them. Eva is still testing her new powers when Lorcan, the vampire who transformed her, starts coming around.

She knows that he was sick with the taint and has forgiven him, but he has yet to forgive himself. Eva is drawn to Lorcan and relies on him to help keep her spirits up as her idea of normalcy is destroyed and her daughter's boyfriend turns out to be a vampire hunter.

This is the second book in this series and this time this story concentrates more on Eve leRoy who is the librarian of the towns library. Eve is a single and hasn't had a date in too long she can also communicate with animals.

This was every bit as funny as the first with a great mix of suspense & humour thrown into the mix.

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