Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Royal Road to Fotheringay by Jean Plaidy

At just six days old, Mary Stuart became Queen of Scots. At just six years old she was betrothed to the Dauphin Francois, the future King of France. Reluctantly leaving Scotland, Mary is raised in the decadent French court in preparation to become the Queen of France. But her reign with Francois is short-lived. Widowed at just eighteen years old, Mary is once again forced to leave her home to return to Scotland. Now a Catholic queen of a Protestant country, Mary must rule with caution and choose her next husband prudently...

Royal Road to Fotheringay is the telling of Mary, Queen of Scots childhood and her early days as Queen.Having moved to France Mary became the King's little darling and then marrying the Dauphin only for him to die so tragically young and for Mary then to flee back to Scotland but, Mary was every inch the little young french lady and remained so something which was disapproved of by so many.

Later Mary marries Darnley who was probably not right for her from the outset and I think we all know how Darnleys life came to end.

I have to admit I do not know a huge amount of info about Mary, Queen of Scots except the main facts of her story so this was a very interesting insight into her life and though I have a huge interest and fascination for Elizabeth I Marys life was so tragic and I felt for her so much.

This was an amazing book and loved it, of all the Jean Plaidy books I have read so far this has to be one of my favourites.


Daphne said...

Thanks for the review of this one. I have it on my TBR pile and am looking forward to reading it.

Toni said...

I am looking forward to this one also!