Thursday, 27 November 2008

The Loves of Charles II by Jean Plaidy

This is an omnibus of three books - The Wandering Prince, A Health Unto His Majesty, and, Here Lies Our Sovereign Lord.

Overall this is a great book albeit a long one but, it didn't feel after I had finished it that I had read three books. Of them all the last one was the best for me as it featured the lovely Nell Gywn.

The book starts with how Charles come to become Charles II and the relationship with his sister, I really liked this as though I have read a little of Charles it has mostly been about his later reign, the second book moves on to the telling of Charles wife, Catherine (I believe Jean Plaidy has written a book about her seperately which I intend to get so hope its not too much a repeat of this), though being an admirer of Nell Gywn I never knew a great deal about Catherine but, I really rather felt for her as she had trouble bearing Charles an heir.

Here Lies Our sovereign Lord as I said was my favourite of the three and focusses mainly on Nell though also Moll Davies.

Charles was a very colourful king and it is easy to see why he was so popular, this is a big read but, it really doesn't seem it - if you love this period of history (which I do, I would love to have lived in London during this period, much nicer than it is now!!).

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