Sunday, 9 December 2007

Voice of Crow by Jeri Smith-Ready

This is the follow up to the fantastic Eyes of Crow and this one did not disappoint, the worst thing about this book was finishing and having to wait a few months for the next instalment!

Reading Eyes of Crow before this book is essential as you may not be able to follow the book and may get confused, the visualisation in this book is fantastic and you really can picture everything that is happening.

Rhia is the main character and as someone who can hear the dead is such a full of life character, Jeri has created an immensely likeable character, and as we follow Rhia and Marek we see them enhancing their powers during a very unsettled time. In Asmersos the battle has left survivors behind, and Filip and Kiril as two of those survivors.

Rhia gives birth to Marek's child (Marek being a man of Wolf) and this is where the main story picks up, although unlike Eyes of Crow the main focus is not always on Rhia and we see some new characters introduced, who all add their own appeal to this fantastic story.

This book, as the series is set in a Post Acoloyptic time and with the whole theme of this book similar to Native American beliefs, anyone interested in that will love this book, the basis of this particular book is the invaders who have lost their magical ability. This is mainly due to them living in the city.

If you have spiritual beliefs in connecting with animals you really will love this, and even if you don't it might just make you think!

This truly is a fantastic story, one of my favourites of this year!

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