Thursday, 6 December 2007

The Secret of Crickley Hall by James Herbert

There is an old, empty house in Devils Cleave, a deep gorge that leads from the high moors down to the harbour village of Hollow Bay. The house is Crickley Hall and its large and grim, somehow foreboding. Its rumoured to be haunted. Its thought to hold a secret. Despite some reservations, the Caleighs move in, searching for respite in this beautiful part of North Devon, seeking peace and perhaps to come to terms with whats happened to them as a family.

But all is not well with the house. They hear unaccountable noises. A cellar door they shut every night is always open again in the morning. They see things that cannot be real. The house is the last place the Caleighs should have come to, for the terror that unfolds is beyond belief. Soon they will discover the secret horror of Crickley Hall . . .

The Caleighs are a really nice family, you end up wanting everything to be OK for them they also recently had their young son Cameron go missing and the pain of this is all too fresh. Of course, everything is not going to be alright for them this is a horror book after all! The cast of characters were really good too from the 70 year old caretaker to the young psychic (scared to do readings, go figure!)

This is only the second book of James Herberts I have read and found this to be your typical haunted house story, I love horror books that really scare me but, sorry to say this didn't do that for me, I haven't found an author to beat Graham Masterton on that yet but, having said that it was a horror story and I'm sure if whilst reading this one of your locked cupboard doors comes flying open then it might give you the heebie jeebies!

This was a good story it just didn't have the horror factor I would have liked but, I will be reading more from James Herbert.

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Neil said...

enjoying the read at the moment. gripping stuff