Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Tribute by Nora Roberts

Sometimes those closest to us can do the most harm ...The granddaughter of world famous movie star Janet Hardy, Cilla McGowan has long accepted that her own talents lie elsewhere. She's persuaded her mother to sell her Little Farm, which was Hardy's retreat from the cut-throat world of Hollywood. Cilla is determined to restore the house to its former glory, in tribute to her grandmother. Janet Hardy was a screen legend - glamorous, brilliant and deeply troubled - and she died in mysterious circumstances at the farm. As Cilla settles in, she finds herself dreaming of the grandmother she never really knew and wondering exactly what happened to her. But someone else in the community wants Cilla to leave the past alone, and she becomes the target of several brutal acts. Together with her neighbour, Ford Sawyer, she must find out who is trying to threatening her and why ...

My View
After Nora's last few romance thrillers I found this to be a bit of a letdown, it is the usual male/female romance we see in most of her stand alones (High Noon, Angel Falls etc) but, this one for me lacked the punch a little.

Much of the book is about Cilla restoring her grandmothers house to its former glory, which if your interested in that type of thing you will probably love but, in all honesty I did find it a little tedious.

Nora remains one of my favourite authors, indeed if I'm ever in a book reading rut and not sure what book to read next 9 times out of 10 I will reach for Nora but, this one just didn't cut it I am afraid. :(

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Marg said...

This about covers my thoughts as well!

I am not sure about the UK cover either. It is more interesting than the stock NR covers that all her books get in the US, but I don't thin k it represents the content well either.