Tuesday, 14 July 2009

The Calling & Changeling by Cate Tiernan

Morgan has discovered much about her powers. But who are her friends and who are her enemies? And who really is she? Morgan is now seventeen years old and her powers have grown with her. But as she struggles to discover who she really is, terrible dreams of someone else, someone in trouble, haunt her. Are they the person Morgan needs to find to truly find herself?

The Calling is the 7th book in this great series and Morgan is getting strange dreams and has to go to New York but, not alone along with her goes Hunter, Bree, Robbie, Sky and Raven. Morgans aim is to find out about her real parents but, of course things aren't so straightforward and she finds things out that will change her life even more than events before have! This instalment was brilliant and even better than the last.

Changeling is quite sad as Morgan and Hunter have split up and not only that Morgan has to contend with the fact that the man she thought was her real father isn't. Eoifa, A witch from the council of witches turns up for a mission from Morgan which she hopes she agrees to.

I didn't find Changeling as engrossing as the others for some reason not sure why as its not as if there wasn't much going, overkill maybe so I will be leaving this series for a little while but, shall return ...

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cat said...

I appreciate your summary and comments on book 8 - since I don't have it and had to go from 7 to 9. :) You can sort of guess things from one book to the next if you miss one, but it would have been nice to have been able to read it for myself.

I'm out of books though. I'm done at Strife unless I can find more somewhere!