Sunday, 12 July 2009

Awakening & Spellbound by Cate Tiernan

More spoilers!

Morgan begins to understand something of her power and to move on with her life after the terrible betrayal of Cal, her first love. She realizes that Wicca can work for good or for evil as she fights the dark magick of Seline and Cal - and later David, who runs the store "Practical Magick".

Morgan was rescued from nearly being burned alive and emerges not knowing who she can trust. She found out Cal & Selene (Cal's mother) were practising dark magick and were only using her for her blood witch powers. To make matters worse the one place Morgan feels she can go the magickal store Practical Magick is in danger of closing as if tyhat wasn't enough of course after the ending of the last book Cal is no longer Coven leader life is pretty traumatic!

Not only that Hunter suspects David from the Practical Magick store is practising dark magick to help him keep the store Morgan doesn't believe him, he gained a injury on his hand but, Morgan thought it was doing something for the store - this was my fave in the series so far!

Morgan continues to discover her powers as a blood witch of the Woodbane clan. She can't forget Cal, her first love, who tried to kill her, but is surprised to feel a growing attraction for Hunter. Her powers are now so strong that she is in danger from others in her clan and it is important for her to learn to use her witchcraft responsibly. When Selene and Cal use her sister Mary K. to get to her, Morgan realises that she and her family are in real danger.

As if this series couldn't get any better this book was amazing!

This book has snippets at the beginning of each chapter by Selene, Morgan is getting closer to Hunter in fact most of the members of the coven are becoming romantically attached. Selene & Cal are gone yet when Morgan goes past Cal & Selene's former home she swearts she sees a lit candle at one of the windows, and later Cal calls Morgan by witch message.

After the exit of Selene & Cal there are a number of 'accidents' or are they dark magick worked by Cal and his mother. Morgan becomes on talking terms with Bree again but, things are never what they were before.

Oh so many things happen this book was even better than the last.And with the huge cliffhanger at the end I just can't step away from this series just yet.

There are some things in here that are a little unrealistic and things that wouldn't happen in real life but, this is great entertainment!


cat said...

I really liked the Selene journal entries at the start of each chapter! It was a nifty way to learn more about her and how she works.

Rhinoa said...

This is a great series, stick with it it only gets better! Lots of twists and turns. I keep seeing reviews and I think a re-read is due soon.