Thursday, 7 May 2009

The Chalice by Phil Rickman

The magical Glastonbury Tor has been a lifelong obsession for Dianne Ffitch. But as the atmosphere of the place becomes soured by bitterness, violence and death, Dianne is convinced she is being warned of impending disaster. Could there be an anti-Grail in existence - the Dark Chalice?

This was my first book by Phil Rickman and whilst it was good I don't think I would be in a huge rush to read another of his!

It was good to see both sides of the coin with the new age folk and all the cynics and the descriptions of Glastonbury sound pretty good but, as I haven't been there I can't say how accurate they are but, going by the reviews it seems pretty accurate.

The characters too are pretty interesting but, I found there were too many sub-plots going on that when something happened it flipped over to something else.

This is probably more interesting if you have lived in Glastonbury etc. but, I did find it slightly tedious although I did find it slightly similar to Kit Berry's books but, there were better than this so would recommend those over this.

Sorry to anyone who loved this as I know its seems quite popular but, I just didn't gel with it ...


margotreehugger said...

I really wanted to read this one. I think I'll wait a long time till I do now. Thanks for your review. ;)

Clare said...

Awww hope I didn't spoil it for you :( you might like it!

margotreehugger said...

That is true. I may like it. But still I shall wait hehe. ;)

amanda said...

Have just read The Chalice - I enjoyed it - maybe living with the Tor within sight helped! Rickman did his research well - glastonbury streetscape particularly. I also enjoyed the Man in the Moss - even better, as was Candlelight. I'm a fan of the Merrily Watkins read so far.