Friday, 13 February 2009

Windfall by Rachel Caine

Weather Warden Joanne Baldwin's stormy personal life is taking its toll on her patience-and her powers. But when the truce between the Wardens and the mystical Djinn starts to self-destruct, Joanne finds herself forced to choose between saving her Djinn lover, saving her Warden abilities-and saving humanity.

This is the fourth in Rachel Caine's brilliant Weather Warden series and my favourite yet!

Jo has nothing more to do with the Wardens and finds herself back in Florida doing a 'regular' job and is working as a weather girl on a local TV station. And thats if you can call it that as she doesn't get to predict the weather. And smiles at the camera through gritted teeth.

We see a new character in this instalment in the shape of Cherise who is fantastic! Cherise is another weather girl who gets a better deal of being a weather girl than Joanne does. Also introduced is Joanne's sister Sarah, but we still have our old favourites in the shape of Rahel and Jonathan.

There is more of a darker side to this book but, on the other hand there are some lighter moments too with Jo and her sister making things a little more 'human'. Joanne is still with David but, their relationship takes an interesting twist I won't say anymore but, its none too good!!

If you love Paranormal romance etc just get this series, its brill!

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Kailana said...

I really want to read this series one of these days, but since I am reading her Morganville Vampire series, I keep putting it off...