Thursday, 9 October 2008

A Visit To The North

I will be away after today on my bi-annual trip to the lake district, one of my favourite places in the UK, I work in London all week so you couldn't get further away from the environment I work in to the environment I will be going to.

I am a very keen photographer as some of you may know and there are a million opportunities for photo's up there so I may well post some when I get back, I doubt I will get much reading done up there so will have to catch up when I get back.


margotreehugger said...
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margotreehugger said...

Sorry about that, for some reason my post has some of my message missing. I'm sure it wasn't the vodka hehehe. ;)

I had said, I hope you're having a nice time Clare and, I look forward to the photo's. xXx