Thursday, 2 October 2008

Solstice at Stonewylde by Kit Berry

The "Stonewylde" series, now into its third title, has developed a huge cult following. It's enjoyed equally by men, women and teenagers, and retailers find it hard to decide where to position the books in-store. The series defies categorisation because it has something for everyone and spans several genres. But above all, it has the secret ingredient essential to a best-selling series - an absolutely riveting plot that makes the books "unputdownable". "Solstice at Stonewylde" continues the story of Sylvie and Yul, their developing love for each other, and their battle to survive the cruelty and domination of Magus. Yul was left hovering at the gates of death in the last book - now he is subjected to a terrifying ordeal in the Stone Circle at Samhain (Hallowe'en) as Magus attempts to negate the old prophecy.The Villagers rally around Yul and ill-feeling towards Magus grows, fuelled by his appalling treatment of his own son. Desperate to keep Sylvie safe from Magus at the full moon, Yul inadvertently harms her himself, which destroys her faith in him. Their young love falters as Sylvie becomes entranced by Magus' charms.
Magus has been grooming Sylvie carefully, heaping luxury and privilege on her so that his true intentions are masked. Mother Heggy, the old crone, helps Yul to maintain his resolve - to overthrow Magus at the time of the Winter Solstice. But the wise woman has her own worries. She repeatedly sees five in everything, and knows that there will be five deaths at the Solstice.The question is - whose? Sylvie, glittering with diamonds and starved into submission, realises her mistake in trusting Magus. But too late. She's in his clutches and then his real unspeakable intentions are revealed. Clip rallies round and finally learns to challenge his evil half-brother, but is it too late? Is Magus unstoppable, now that his clever manipulation of the situation has ensured Sylvie's compliance?As the Winter Solstice approaches the tension mounts unbearably. The reader is held on a knife-edge as the plot gallops away, drawing in the characters towards a truly explosive climax. And as for those five deaths - they're not who the reader would imagine and come as quite a shock.

My View
The final published book (though there are 2 more to follow I believe) and I had to pick this up straight away @MoonDance' was left on such a cliffhamger and if you do get to read this don't do what I done before the book and read the note from Kit at the back, it didn't totally ruin it for me but, I would rather not have known, my fault totally!

Anyway, this just gets better and better the first two were fast paced this was like a roller coaster ride. Set around one of my favourite times of year the winter solstice again evoking great pictures in my minds eye of that time of year.

Definitely the best book out of the three, so much going on! We see Sylvie staying with someone I hadn't expected her to, I won't say anymore as it may spoil it for you but, I am sure you will be saying much the same things I was if you sympathise with Sylvie's character.

The series could definitely have wound up with this book but, I am really glad the series is continuing can't wait for the next instalment!


Michele said...

I've been reading your reviews of this series and must admit, I'm quite intrigued now....what a nice find!

margotreehugger said...

I haven't read this one yet and can't wait too!

Rhinoa said...

I really must get around to reading this series. It's good to hear that there are 2 more planned as it has gained quite a cult following now.

margotreehugger said...

Read this one now and loved it!