Monday, 14 April 2008

The Blue Girl by Charles De Lint


Imogene Yeck, former gang member and current fairy butt-kicker, is the cool "blue girl" at the center of Charles de Lint's urban fantasy novel.

Seventeen-year-old Imogene jumps at the chance to lose her bad girl reputation when her family moves to a new town. She purposely lays low at Redding High, only making friends with Maxine, a shy, studious girl who is Imogene's opposite in every way. Despite a few run-ins with the ruling football jock and his cheerleader girlfriend, Imogene keeps her temper in check and even lends some of her bravado to Maxine, who begins to come out of her straight-A shell.

Things are going well for the new friends--until the day Imogene meets Adrian, the benign ghost of a boy who died in the school's parking lot. Adrian and Imogene's unusual connection attracts the unwelcome attention of Redding High's resident Little People, or fairies. Affronted by streetwise Imogene's lack of belief in them, the fairies set into motion a malevolent prank that will not only turn Imogene completely blue from head to toe, but pit her, Adrian and Maxine against some of the most frightening beings of the Otherworld--the soul-sucking Anamithims.

My View

This book is part of CDL's well known Newford and is a stand alone, you don't necessarily have to read the others to read this, although there is a character from others of the Newford Tales. And whilst I guess this is primarily a young adult novel and based on young adults I think most adults into this type of genre will love this, if you like Holly Blacks's faerie series I am sure you will love that not that I am drawing on any similarities.

If you have not read any of CDL's book this is probably a good starting book but, be warned you will become hooked, Charles De Lint is one of my favourite fantasy writers, and if you are a fan of Brian Fround be sure to read The Wild Wood.


Rhinoa said...

This was my first Charles de Lint book and you are right, it hooked me completely! I really enjoyed this book and am so glad I finally got around to reading him. I am really glad you enjoyed it too.

Marg said...

I just read The Onion Girl, and have read The Little Country by de Lint, and I liked them, but didn't love them. I will keep trying though.

BtW, I sent you a PM over at HFF. Have a question about House at Riverton.

Clare said...

Marg, I've replied but, I haven't read it! Sorry!

Marg said...

Someone I know has read I just have to try and figure out who. Maybe it was Maggie.