Thursday, 10 April 2008

All Together Dead by Charlaine Harris

This is the seventh book in the Southern Vampire Series (Dead Until Dark (Southern Vampire Mysteries, Bk. 1), Living Dead in Dallas (Southern Vampire Mysteries, Bk. 2), Club Dead (Southern Vampire Mysteries, Bk. 3), Dead to the World (Southern Vampire Mysteries, Bk. 4), Dead as a Doornail (Southern Vampire Mysteries), Definitely Dead (Southern Vampire Mysteries)).

The most recent books of Sookie's adventures I have picked up I have thought its going to start to get stale and samey but, each time I am proved wrong I am happy to say!

This book is more about Vampire Politics but, still as addictive as the other books. The Queen of Louisiana has hired Sookie to assist at a summit and Eric, Pam, Bill & Quinn amongst others get to go too. Of course they would it wouldn't be the same without them. And of course, there is Sookie's relationship with Quinn ....

Its difficult to write a review of this without giving lots of things away so suffice to say we still see all our favourite characters as well as some new ones (including ones from one of Charlaine's anthologies).

Hurricane Katrina was mentioned a little here too and how it has changed the vampire world. And this biook is also quite different from the earlier books but, I think if the books had stayed along those lines it would have started to get a little boring whereas this book is anything but ...

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Rhinoa said...

It's interesting to look into how the hurricane has affected the vampire world. I am really looking forward to reading some books by this author, it seems she has something for everyone.