Thursday, 28 January 2010

Between Two Queens by Kate Emerson

Pretty, flirtatious, and ambitious. Nan Bassett hopes that an appointment at the court of King Henry VIII will bring her a grand marriage. But soon after she becomes a maid of honor to Queen Jane, the queen dies in childbirth. As the court plunges into mourning, Nan sets her sights on the greatest match in the land...for the king has noticed her. After all, it wouldn't be the first time King Henry has chosen to wed a maid of honor. And in newly Protestant England, where plots to restore the old religion abound, Nan may be the only one who can reassure a suspicious king of her family's loyalty. But the favor of a king can be dangerous and chancy, not just for Nan, but for her family as well...and passionate Nan is guarding a secret, one that could put her future -- and her life -- in grave jeopardy should anyone discover the truth.

Based on the life of the real Anne Bassett and her family, and drawing extensively from letters and diaries of the time, Between Two Queens is an enthralling picture of the dangers and delights of England's most passionate era.


I wasn't overly impressed with Kate Emerson's first book from Secrets of the Tudor Court so almost didn't get this but, I am glad I did this was a huge, huge improvement on the last book.

Another character I hadn't come across before just like Kate Emerson's previous book, I think its good thatshes bases these books on true people rather than creating a fictional character. Hopw much of this book is true in relation to Anne Bassett I don't know as I couldn't find a huge amount of information about her, only that she was a mistress of Henry VIII's for a short time, as she was in this book.

Overall the story was good but, the character of Anne "Nan" Bassett was not an overall pleasant one don't get me wrong she wasn't horrible or anything but, I just felt I couldn't warm to her or feel sympathy for her.

This is not for someone who is looking for some really good Tudor fiction a la Jean Plaidy this is fluffy Bunny compared to some of Ms Plaidys novels so I could compare it to Philippa Gregorys books but, I feel Philippas are hugely better, just great for a light read I feel.

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Daphne said...

I thought her first book was OK and I have this one coming from Paperback Swap. I like the point of view of someone who is less well known - it makes for a nice change!