Wednesday, 23 December 2009

The Queen's Mistake by Diane Haeger

When young and beautiful Catherine Howard becomes the fifth wife of fifty year old king Henry VIII, she seems to be on top of the world. Yet her reign is destined to be brief and heartbreaking, as she is forced to do battle with enemies far more powerful and calculating than she could have ever anticipated in a court where one wrong move could mean her destruction. Wanting only love, Catherine is compelled to deny her heart's desire in favor of her family's ambition. But in so doing, she unwittingly gives those who seek to bring her down a most effective weapon, her own romantic past.

The Queen's Mistake is the tragic tale of one passionate and idealistic woman who struggles to negotiate the intrigues of the court and the yearnings of her own heart.

Of Henry VIII's six queens Catherine Howards story is my second favourite to Anne Boleyns story so I jumped on this as soon as I found it and seeing as it was Diane Haeger as I loved her story of Nell Gwynne and Diane De Poitiers and this was fairly OK, not the best story of Catherine Howards but, far from bad!

The story is told from the third person so seeing this story from other peoples perspectives was interesting. Comparisons cannot but, held to be made with Philippa Gregorys The Boleyn Inheritance (which is my favourote of Philippa's Tudor novels) and I would say this does fall far far short as a comparison but, Philippa's was written from three peoples perspective, I always find third p[erson narratives less engrossing but, that is just a personal preference.

This wouldn't be the first book I'd recommend if looking for a novel on catherine Howard, Jean Plaidy's Murder Most Royal is probably one of the best but, worth considering if you've read all the others on Catherine.

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