Monday, 26 October 2009

Star Man by Sara Douglass

From Library Journal
Assuming his role as the Starman of the Prophecy of the Destroyer, the warrior-wizard Axis makes his way to his final confrontation with his corrupt half-brother, Gorgrael. Meanwhile, Azhure, Axis's wife, discovers her own powers as an Enchantress and learns the twin strengths of love and friendship. Douglass (Enchanter, Battleaxe) brings to the fore her world-building abilities and storytelling expertise in this satisfying conclusion to a fantasy epic set in a world of winged sorcerers and ancient races. A few loose ends pave the way for future novels featuring a new generation of heroes and villains.


This has to be one of the few fantasy trilogies where every one of the three books was quite simply brilliant! Even my beloved Sevenwaters trilogy by Juliet Marrillier I found the others didn't match up to the first book.

Now that said I did find the ending was a bit of an anti-climax and makes you want morte more more. Still I guess thats how things are so you go on to the next 3 books in the second part of the series.

Its so difficult to write a review without spoiling things and I don't like to do that I have this weird habit of reading the last line of a book before reading it and so many books I have spoiled for myself by doing that! So I know how it feels if someone includes a spoiler in the book so I'll try not to all I will say is Faraday I really felt for and Axis who was one of my favourite characters became a not so favourite but, thats just the way I guess.

If you love Fantasy do read this its brilliant, I will definitely be reading the second trilogy.

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Kailana said...

I have heard that Douglass writes trilogies where even the second book doesn't suffer. I have read another of her trilogies (book 3 isn't out yet, though) and I have to agree so far.