Sunday, 30 August 2009

Pride by Rachel Vincent

The werecat council has three cardinal laws and headstrong Faythe stands accused of breaking two of them: infecting a human with her supernatural skills and killing him to cover her tracks. With the death penalty hanging over her head, Faythe has no escape route left. Until a shapeshifter informs the pride of a rash of rogue strays terrorising his land. Yet this threat is nothing like any they ve seen before. Only Faythe has the knowledge to save the pride, but can she prove her worth? Or will the council s verdict condemn them all?


This is the third book in this series preceeded by Stray and Rogue, both of which were fantastic books. Faythe is on trial for turning her ex-boyfriend into a Werecat and then killing him. This book starts some two months after the end of the last one.

Faythe's price to pay is the death penalty so she is on trial and has to prove she can partial shift. The trials of Werecats assume the defendant is guilty unless proven otherwise. Not only does Faythe have to deal with the trial but, also there is some problem with some local strays.

As I said the first 2 books were brilliant and Faythe did seem a bit whingy in those but, she seems to have grown up a lot in this one, I guess being on trial for murder would make anyone grow up a bit! Never a dull moment lots of action what with the trial and having to deal with the strays attacking hikers in the area.

Loved this even more than the first two, the next book is Prey not sure if thats the last one in the series or if there will be more, but hope it will be the latter ....

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