Friday, 16 January 2009

Midnight Flight by Virginia Andrews

They lived on the wild side.
Now these bad girls are paying the price.

At Dr. Foreman's School for Girls, the "students" sleep in barns, work on a farm in the blazing heat, and are subjected to ruthless guards who watch their every move. It's an institution run by the dreadful Dr. Foreman, a woman who delights in administering the worst form of punishment -- the mysterious Ice Room where the girls face their darkest fears.

Now Phoebe, Teal, and Robin -- three girls from very different worlds -- are the newcomers in this desert hell. During their stay, each girl will be tempted to commit the ultimate crime of betrayal as Dr. Foreman cleverly tries to turn them against each other -- until they learn that the only way to survive is to stick together...and fight back.

This book has to be read right after Broken Wings as it continues to when the girls arrive at Dr Foreman's School.

Whereas I didn't think Broken Wings was that disturbing a read, this most definitely was. It was very twisted but, not in the way I thought Flowers in the Attic was disturbing just different somehow.

Some parts of it I didn't think was necessary like the diapers that was just ewwww. But, hey ho I guess that part was put there for some reason. This would be a good book for a troubled teen to read because I am sure if they read this they would start behaving as no-one would ever want to go to a school like this!

Virginia Andrews books are now written by a ghost writer and I think that does show as her later books are not a patch on the earlier ones but, still it was a good read just probably not one I would want to read again.

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Kailana said...

I read a lot of V.C. Andrews in junior high and high school, but I don't think I have read much since. There have been a couple that have looked interesting, and I think I have one on my TBR pile, but I read all of her old stuff. One day I might reread