Friday, 19 September 2008

Stray by Rachel Vincent

Faythe Sanders likes to pretend she's a normal college co-ed, but that's only half the truth. It's the other half that matters when her former lover appears on campus, sent to pull her back into a life her classmates could never understand, or even imagine. He has come to take her home, to where hunting doesn’t involve guns, the night isn’t for sleeping, and fur is much more than just a fashion statement.

Female werecats are disappearing from all over the south, and the Pride is helpless to find its missing members and stop the stray responsible. Confined to home for her own protection, Faythe must face everything she went to school to escape: the family she left behind, the love she turned her back on, and the destiny tradition says she's bound to fulfill. And when it all becomes too much to handle, an emotionally charged error in judgment leads her into the unsheathed claws of the stray himself. Now, armed with nothing but animal instinct and a serious attitude, Faythe must free herself and stop the kidnappers before their horrific plot robs her Pride of its most valuable asset: its own continued existence.

My View
This was brilliant yes I guess there are quite a lot of this genre of books out there and it is pretty easy to overlook this one but, don't! I found it quite similar to the first books of Kelly Armstrong's Otherworld Women series which I loved and this is equally as good and just a tadge different.

Faythe Sanders is an interesting character she is far from perfect (as if any of us are!) she is also quite feisty and there is really never a dull moment here, even though the book is 618 pages long because I felt it was very fast paced it seemed more like half that.

Faythe is one of the last eight breeding werecats and a stray attacks Faythe and she gets pulled back home, more for her safety than anything. Faythe is in her late teens so does come a cross as a bit of a whinger at times but, that doesn't make her any less likeable as she is a great character.

Just read it!

Date read: 2-4 September 2008

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This book is literally sitting right in front of me at the moment to read!