Friday, 27 June 2008

July Book Blowout

I have signed up for my first book challenge - woo hoo me!!

I don't normally commit myself to challenges as I always panic I won't co mplete them and TBH sometimes if I have read too much of a certain type of book I find I can get bored with it, but, this one sounds fairly straightforward.

"The rules are simple - read as many books as you can between July 1 and 31 - and then by August 7 post a list of all of the books you read on your blog. Reviews are not required to take part".

I average between 7-9 books per month so decided to do 10 for this challenge and see how I get along. Wish me luck!


Marg said...

Good luck!

Margo. said...

WOW! Good luck Clare. I wish I could read that many books a month lol. I know you can do it! xXx

Mrs S said...

Another Clare who lives in the UK and works in the Finance Industry - too spooky - me too!

I'm do glad you're going to be joining in the fun - and that's a great target too :)