Tuesday, 15 January 2008

The Druidry Handbook by John Michael Greer

Firstly I am not a Druidess nor do I practice druidry, what I am is a pagan and like to learn as much as I can about other paths, that said I am very drawn to Druidry and my online name, Cerridwen is my patron Goddess (oor Ceridwen) who has very strong links with Druidry.

It has been such a long time since I have read a non-fiction book, mainly a lot of Pagan texts go over the same ground, especially Witchcraft & Wicca books, I'd forgotten how much I enjoy reading non-fiction!

This book I feel is more aimed at the new druid or someone wanting to learn more about the Druid path, the book does state that it can be used by experienced Druids but, I am not sure there is anything here that someone who has been on the path a long time would find of use.

You can read through the book end to end as I did, or you can just read sections as you go through. It has a very good section on the Ogham and there are some excellent methods for meditation, this would be a really good reference book as well.

The first part of the book looks more at the history of Druidry and its roots which was very fascinating and also very useful was at the end of each section a list of useful other recommended reading material.

The final two sections was more on the practical part of druidry and it was very interesting, the author I found seemed quite flexible in how he feels the reader could practice Druidry given where they may live etc. Obviously any path of Paganism is a nature path and the best place for ritual is outisde although as we know this is not always possible so some good alternatives are listed here.

Overall,this was a really good insight and for someone just getting into druidry I think this would be an excellent first book, its not comprehensive of course I don't think any book could be burt, this would definitely help with that first toe in the water into Druidism.


Rhinoa said...

Thanks for the review, I keep seeing this book around in bookshops and thinking it looks interesting.

Clare said...

Hi Katie, it was realkly good I found it very interesting I don't know an awful lot about Druidry so it covered quite a bit of ground for me.