Friday, 9 November 2007

Forever Amber by Kathleen Winsor

It's actually amazing that book written so long ago has taken me so long to read, and was even made into a film in 1947! And even more astonishing is the fact that this book was even banned when it was first released. This is such a huge book (972 pages) but, didn't seem that way at all and was extremely engrossing, I almost missed my stop on the train a couple of times!

As a heroine I did find Amber a touch annoying at times but, that didn't detract me from the story at all. This is such a highly loved book that I almost feel naughty saying anything other than praising this level LOL but, anyway I was disappointed that I didn't feel the book described this era of history as much as I have read in other historical fiction. Altough that bing said when I got to the part of the plague and great fire I thought that as greatly descriptive.

The story is predictable enough with Amber rising from a prisoner at Newgate prison to becoming Charles II most favourite mistress but, her relationship with Bruce for me was far more interesting, although sometimes quite iritating there were times I did quite feel for her.

The actual story I am not going to go into in much detail in case anyone else hasn't read it - I can't be the only one - and I think this is one of those books that everyone has to read at some point, especially if you love Historical Fiction. I adore any fiction assocated with the time of Charles II ad its one of those periods in history I would love to have lived in, sadly there is a shortage of historical fiction for this period.

The sad thing about this book was that no sequel was ever written after this, the ending really does give you food for thought as to what might have happened next but, after 60+ years I guess there won't be another which is a huge shame.

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Cookie said...

Hi Clare, I really enjoyed reading your blog as I, too, am a Tudor/Elizabethan fan. Nice to see there is another. I read "Forever Amber" many years ago and don't remember details, but I do know I liked it alot. I don't follow Charles II very much, I am into 17th c. Dutch history for that time period. Please view my new blog at, called Cookie's World. I am using the name Maxie on this Phillipa Gregory message board because the moderator is Cookie, but you will note that I am usually called Cookie. She asked me not to use it here. I tried to vote on your favorite Tudor queen, but couldn't get through on it, so I would say Anne. I am especially a fan of Elizabeth, I find her a strong, willful woman, much like her mother, Anne. If you read my blog, you will see that I researched Mary Boleyn and her family, many years ago, before The Other Boleyn Girl was written. Just fascinating, those Tudors! I notice you are interested in spirituality and that is something else we have in common. I feel I must have been an Elizabethan in a previous life, because I am so connected to them in this lifetime. Please write to me on my blog if you'd care to and perhaps we can email each other. Take care, Maxie in Florida